Vinyl vs. wood siding

KANSAS CITY, MO -- Deciding between wood or vinyl siding in the Kansas City area can be difficult. Especially when you consider the various costs of each. When you have a budget for your project, it’s important to weigh all of your options. Below are some benefits of using vinyl vs. wood siding on your home or office:

  • Maintenance
  • Price
  • Aesthetics

Maintenance of Vinyl Siding

Easy maintenance should be a priority when choosing to add siding to any building. Especially true for your home exterior since you are solely responsible for keeping it up. Vinyl siding will not rot and is easy to maintain. Other benefits of siding made of vinyl include:

  • Termites or other critters that normally come to wood siding are not attracted to vinyl
  • Vinyl does no chip or crack
  • Long lasting in harsh weather conditions
  • Power washing restores new look
  • Peeling or cracking of the color is non-existent with vinyl

Prices of Siding

Wood siding can be quite expensive to both initially purchase and maintain. Therefore, since the cost of vinyl siding is considerably less it makes sense to use vinyl. Most construction projects


Within any neighborhood, the home that stands out for it’s pleasing aesthetics will bring a higher value to its homeowner. Vinyl siding is available in many styles and colors. Therefore, it can be used to enhance the overall curb appeal of the home. Thus, when choosing siding for your home or business vinyl gives the most selection options.

Proper Installation Technique is Critical

vinyl siding kansas city

To reap the benefits of vinyl siding, proper installation is key. Often, problems occur when installation is not done properly, especially when the person who installs the vinyl siding is unskilled.  In cases where hiring a pro is not possible, maybe due to cost constraints, there are some steps to keep in mind for proper installation.

For installing vinyl siding, there are now some training resources created to help homeowners about the proper installation techniques for vinyl siding. The VSI or Siding Institute has created installation training resources to help not only contractors but homeowners as well. These training resources such as manuals and videos contain the necessary techniques and practices in installing vinyl. However, it is most  advisable that a vinyl siding professional is hired to make sure installation is completed properly.

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