FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) - Election Day has a lot of people on edge. There is a lot of anxiety surrounding Election Day this year. Fortunately, the weather will not add to that anxiety.

We will not have to deal with rain or snow this year. Instead, there will be abundant sunshine. The only hurdle to overcome will be some chilly temperatures when polls open Tuesday morning. It could be cool enough that you will need a light coat or jacket, especially if you have to wait outside your polling place as some long lines are anticipated. Here’s a look at the forecast for some key parts of the day.

WB 1.png

Overall the weather pattern this week is favorable for well above average temperatures. Warmer air that resides over the southwestern U.S. as of Monday afternoon, will spread into the center of the country. Below is a map of temperatures when compared to normal for this time of year. If you compare the color coded legend at the top of the graphic with the color of the contour over Missouri and Kansas, you will see we forecast to run about 10 to 15 degrees above average this week.

WB 2.png

10 to 15 degrees above average should result in daytime high temperatures in the 70s on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and perhaps even Friday. Jet stream winds, or winds at about 25 to 30-thousand feet off the surface of the earth, will be blowing out of the southwest this week.

These high-altitude winds will transport some warmer air into the Midwest, including Kansas City. Storm systems and cold fronts will stay west of our area because of the direction of the jet stream winds. So we remain warm and dry through Saturday. Here’s what those winds are forecast to look like late this week.

WB 3.png

Notice on the above map that I’ve placed the word “COLD” over the inter-mountain west. Colder air will begin oozing into the United States on Friday as a storm digs into the west and eventually the desert southwest over the weekend.

The storm will follow the winds aloft and move into the northern plains late in the weekend. The storm’s associated cold front will drag some much colder air into the central U.S. starting Monday. And it appears this will be a cold blast similar to the one which brought us our first snowfall last week. Just look at the temperatures over northern Canada and the northwest territories late Monday afternoon. Next week’s cold front will tap into this supply of cold air.

WB 4.png

The airmass will modify as it moves south into the U.S. but it will still bring cold enough air for parts of our region to see snow. A second storm will form Monday night into Tuesday of next week. This storm must be watched. Long range guidance suggests a chance for Autumn severe weather in the southern plains or lower Mississippi river valley Tuesday and Tuesday night.

If the storm comes together just right, this storm could pack severe thunderstorms for some and heavy snow and high winds for others across the central U.S. followed by a surge of cold air early next week. Here’s a projected surface map for next Tuesday.

WB 5.png

Will Kansas City see snow? It’s still too early to tell. The long-range guidance differs on whether we see snow or just rain. Given what we know about storm systems like this and their impacts at this time of year, logical reasoning would suggest the best chance of snow would be over western Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakotas, Minnesota and western parts of Iowa. So we will see how it sets up. But for now, you can rest assured and relax in knowing the weather won’t play a major role in the weather on Election Day.

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