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When a loved  one hears the words “you have cancer,” it is a dark and scary time. LLS’s Light The Night brings light to the  darkness  of cancer through  hope,  research  and  support for patients,  families,  friends,  doctors,  nurses,  researchers, colleagues  and  caregivers. Imagine  if  every  time  a patient  saw  light  in  a dark moment  they  felt  the warmth  of  1 million  supporters cheering  them  to a victory  against  cancer.  Imagine  if every  time  a family  member  saw  a lantern  glowing  bright they  knew  there  was  a doctor  or research  honing  in on a treatment  to  eliminate  cancer. Imagine  if every  time  a caregiver  saw  a light  shining  in the  window  they  knew thousands  of families  were  wishing  them  strength  and courage. Light  The  Night  is hope  for the future. As the  fastest growing  platform,  Light  The  Night  is reaching  nearly  1 million  people  annually. Locally, in 2018, more than 6,000 people in the Kansas City Area participated and raised $1,000,000!

We invite you to join us on Sept. 14th at Cleveland University-Kansas City beginning at 6pm! Come enjoy a pre-walk carnival with food and entertainment for all ages! Following a fireworks start, Champions For Cures walk along a one-mile route carrying illuminated lanterns – white for patients and survivors, red for supporters and gold for teams walking in memory of a loved one.

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