Get your running shoes ready as Memorial Day will once again feature the annual run for brain injury, sponsored by the Brain Injury Association of Kansas and Greater Kansas City (BIAKS).

Going the Distance for Brain Injury Run is May 27 at historic Loose Park and is the successor to the Amy Thompson Run.

As in the past, the Memorial Day Run is a family-friendly event with lots of good food, music and entertainment.

This year’s run features a timed and certified 10K, a timed 5K, a 1.5 mile Walk for Thought and Fun4kids event for 8 and younger. For 10K enthusiasts, the Memorial Day run is part of the I Run KC Challenge which offers 50K, 100K and 200K options.

All run/walk participants will receive a high tech T-shirt.

We encourage participants to ask their friends to join a team. Largest teams will be recognized at the event and in publicity following the run.

Teams also will have an opportunity to have a picture taken at the run.

Steve Zink is the 2019 run honoree. He received a brain injury in September 2014 when he slipped and fell, hitting his head on a car door. Initially, he thought his head was OK, but his knee got banged up. It wasn’t until five weeks later that he began to feel different—losing track of time, falling asleep at work, slurred speech.

When he fell out of bed and couldn’t get up, He was rushed to the hospital and doctors determined he had a slow brain bleed. Despite having had surgery, spending four weeks in ICU and the trauma department and 10 days in inpatient rehab, Steve was back at work Jan. 2, less than four months after his surgery. Steve is a can-do guy and, after his injury, determined to regain as much of his abilities as possible. As a volunteer for BIAKS, Steve brings the same positive attitude to the support group he started two years ago. He cautions support group members against focusing on the negative, but working to figure out what’s possible now.

Early Bird registration ends March 15. Register today.

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