Mission Statement

Take 5 to Care is KCTV5 and KSMO's year-round commitment to educate and involve Kansas City families with matters that affect our neighbors and our community.

KCTV5 and KSMO focus on creating partnerships that lend help where it's needed while giving the people of Kansas City opportunities to offer one another love, support, compassion and praise.

In 2021, KCTV5 and KSMO will continue our commitment to this worthwhile community outreach program by utilizing our airwaves, talent, staff, and Take 5 to Care initiative to drive awareness about multiple ways we, Kansas City, can come together and support one another.


To make your charitable event a Take 5 to Care event, please submit an application.

Take 5 To Care Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a part of KCTV5’s Take 5 To Care?

Since 2013, KCTV5 has partnered with charities of all sizes. The goal is to raise awareness about causes and philanthropic activities whose energy and funds stay right here in Kansas City.

In 2021, along with our sponsor, Aetna Medicare Solutions, we plan to bring even more awareness ... have an even louder voice. 

How can a charity/event get involved?

First of all, we all know COVID has not been kind to charity events. Many Galas, parties and events have had to cancel, reschedule and/or go virtual. 

Getting involved is as simple as filling out the form on KCTV5.com/Take5ToCare.  We do our best to say, “Yes” to as many 501c-3 organizations as we can. The application must be filled out no less than 60 days before your event. Most of the scheduling is done in January; so the earlier you complete the application, the better. Please understand, there are certain events that KCTV5 is committed to year, upon year.

Each charity must have a 501c-3 on file and all funds must stay in the Midwest.

We will be putting together the calendar in January for 2021, but an event can always be submitted throughout the year.

You say you have sponsors?

That’s right. We have very generous sponsors who help to underwrite this program. We are very grateful to Aetna Medicare Solutions. 

What does that mean to my charity? 

It means, thanks to these companies, we can promote your charity and it’s cause or event. 

What if my charity has 2 or more events?

This is just fine. However, each event needs to have a separate form because each event is treated separately. We do try to promote as many philanthropic activities as possible, however, just because one event is promoted at a certain level, doesn’t mean all subsequent events will be promoted at that level.

What does “Exclusive Television partner” mean?

We want to be a partner when it comes to promotion. There is something to be said for the value of partnering with a Television Station. We ask that KCTV5 is the only TV station with a logo on any materials, or a have a physical presence during the event, etc. We don’t want to limit the coverage your event can get, so that being said, we can’t prevent another station from covering your event for news. If you have any question about this, don’t hesitate to ask.

A competing company sponsors my event.  How does that work?

We sponsor many events with competing sponsors. However, our agreement with our sponsors states KCTV5 will only include the Aetna Medicare Solutions logo on any of our promotion. Additionally, KCTV5 will not remove our sponsor logo from our promotion.

We send out our official Take 5 To Care logo for inclusion in programs, on t-shirts, websites, etc. Our sponsors are not to be removed from the official logo.

These items are non-negotiable. Take 5 To Care will cease all promotion if any unapproved adjustments to the Take 5 To Care logo complete with sponsors are made. Any adjustments must be approved in writing by KCTV5 Management. 

How do I participate?

  • Fill out form at KCTV5.com as completely as possible.
  • Email form and/or any questions to Take5ToCare@kctv5.com


Please send us an email at take5tocare@kctv5.com.