Stuff the ballot box? Yes!


Stuffing the ballot box is bad. It destroys the beauty that is democracy.

I am not suggesting that Kansas City fans should stuff the ballot box in an effort to elect every Royal to the All-Star Game, (although the vision of Paulo Orlando being introduced as an All-Star is intriguing), but I do believe that a little hometown pride might be nice.

The Royals currently have five players leading voting at their positions, with three other players running second in All-Star voting.

The leaders:

Catcher Sal PerezOutfielder Lorenzo CainOutfielder Alex GordonShortstop Alcides EscobarThird baseman Mike MoustakasRunning second at their positions:First baseman Eric HosmerSecond baseman Omar InfanteDesignated hitter Kendrys Morales

There are several Kansas City pitchers also in the running for All-Star spots.

In 1957, Cincinnati fans stuffed the Major League Baseball All-Star Game ballot box, electing seven Redlegs players as starters to that year's game. This was not the Reds of the 1970s. There was a Johnny on that team, but it wasn't Johnny Bench, it was Johnny Temple. There was no Pete Rose or Joe Morgan on that team.

The resulting furor over the balloting led Major League Baseball to take the All-Star vote away from the fans.

It took 13 years for the fans to get their voting rights back.

I would hate it if we Kansas Citians were the cause of fans losing their voting rights again, but, how much fun would it be to hear the complaints of Yankee fans? (Kendrys Morales over Alex Rodriguez! Are KC fans crazy?)

Although I am in no way endorsing ballot box stuffing, I believe all KC fans should click here and vote. You are allowed to vote up to 35 times. (Although a person could create hundreds of fake email addresses and vote thousands of times. Again, I am not advocating this, just pointing it out.)

Remember, every Royals vote makes fans in Detroit, New York, Boston and Anaheim mad.

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