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Kansas City Chiefs' Gehrig Dieter and Patrick Mahomes sit on the bench before a preseason NFL football game against the Chicago Bears Saturday, Aug. 25, 2018, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Matt Marton)

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) The Chiefs’ season has been somewhat void of locker room drama up to this point, so Patrick Mahomes and Gehrig Dieter are stirring up some of their own.

It started on Wednesday when Mahomes called out Dieter for stealing his signature high fade haircut, claiming he had it first.

“Don’t tell him but he started going to the same barber as me right after me.” Mahomes said, “I think he stole the haircut, he says he got it first but it’s up for debate for sure.”

This didn’t sit too well with the receiver, who addressed Mahomes’ comments on Thursday.

“I’ve had the hair since 2012. Pat likes to run with the joke that I’ve been going to his barber but I went to the barber first.” Dieter added, “The scrutiny I’ve been receiving from Patrick has been pretty tough, I haven’t spoken to him at all this week and we have an ongoing beef with each other.”

Dieter’s final comment on the matter was a wish that the beef wouldn’t, “progress to anything physical.”

That’s exactly what would happen Friday afternoon as the Chiefs’ offense took the field for practice. Tempers flared as the squad exited a huddle, with Mahomes and Dieter squaring up for a fight as teammates looked on.

Other members of the team have taken to social media emphasizing the negative impact the beef is having in the locker room:

The Chiefs offense will attempt to work through this situation when they face the Ravens this Sunday. Kickoff is scheduled at noon CT and will be broadcast on KCTV5.


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