Kori Quinn inspired many people with her positive outlook on life as she battled cancer. Excelsior Springs High School confirmed she passed away Tuesday evening.

Even in her last few days, Kori didn't seem to focus on herself and instead used her fight with cancer to encourage people to donate blood.

Friday she wrote on her Facebook page about her struggles to even take a breath.

"I always feel Jesus's strength as my parents comfort my physical being while he comforts my soul. Unfortunately, after all of my difficulties this past week that I have crawled next to The Lord to get me here; there is not a single bag of blood to replenish my body in this hospital with my blood type. So we wait for my O negative blood to be delivered from the blood bank," she wrote. "All I'm asking is for you to be proactive in our world and help others who cannot help themselves. Go out and see if you can donate, this includes all adults (yes, I'm 18...aka an adult!)"

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Prom is a memory most people still have from high school, but for one Excelsior Springs, MO, student Saturday night's prom will be extra special.

Sporting Kansas City defender Matt Besler is going to prom ... again.

"I haven't officially decided on what I'm going to wear," he said. "I really like this - 'Sporting' blue."

Besler graduated high school in 2005, but when one of his fans asked if he would go to her prom this year, he was honored.

Kori Quinn, 16, is a junior at Excelsior Springs High School and plays soccer on the Tigers' team. When she was 13, she found out she had a rare form of cancer and couldn't play while going through chemo treatments.

She loves Sporting Kansas City and, after meeting Besler, she thought, "Why not ask?"

"What can he say - 'no?' So you might as well ask," she said.

Besler agreed and Saturday night he'll be taking Quinn to dinner and then to the junior prom.

"Kori never gets too down, she's always had a great attitude about everything, but I think this kind of brightens up her month, her week, her day and gives her something to look forward to," Besler said.

"I've had a lot of chemo and a lot of radiation, but I've really taken it in stride," Quinn said.

It started as just a simple suggestion, but what it built was a friendship that will last long after prom.

"She's such a strong girl, I'm really impressed by the way she fights," Besler said. "I want to keep dinner a secret, but we're going to a nice Italian restaurant, and I have gotten Kori a corsage and some flowers for her."

"I will always get to have a friendship that not a lot of people get to have," Quinn said. "Everybody talks about looking back and looking at their prom pictures and I'll be like, 'Yeah, I went to prom with a Sporting KC player.'"

Besler said this will also be extra special because he missed out on his junior prom when he was in high school.

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