Your love of the Chiefs could appear in a CBS commercial!

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As fans across the nation anticipate the return of the Sunday ritual that binds us together, we are calling upon them to celebrate the NFL on CBS by sharing their team traditions, superstitions, at-home tailgating plans and strategies for enjoying this new and unique season. We’re asking fans to record brief messages on their phone or share photos that showcase their devotion to their team. This viewer-generated material will be featured in a campaign that will also include CBS talent doing the same.


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Video Message Ideas

  • Pre-game and Game Day rituals: show how you tailgate, model your lucky jersey, explain one of your superstitions
  • Shout out the name of your team: “My team is the Kansas City Chiefs!”
  • Cheer your team while sporting face paint or team gear or helmet
  • Tell why you’re a big fan
  • Tell why you’re most excited about having football back
  • Toss a football in your yard
  • Follow little kids wearing big helmets running with a football
  • Wave a foam finger
  • Smack talk your favorite rivalry (in family friendly language)
  • Explain how you will be enjoying football this season while social distancing (backyard big screen? Block party? Watching in driveway with neighbors?)
  • Pets dressed in team merchandise
  • Vintage photos showing your history as a fan

How To Shoot

  • Shoot with your device held horizontally
  • Hold your device at eye level
  • Center yourself in the frame
  • Try to get your full upper body in the shot
  • Have your full head in the shot
  • If possible, have someone else shoot. You can also shoot with your arm extended directly in front of you
  • Be sure there is no artwork showing in the background of your shot
  • Shooting outdoors is preferable, if possible