Indian actor and vlogger Rahul Vohra has died aged 35 from Covid-19, his wife said, shortly after he appeared in a final video criticizing the quality of his medical care.

Vohra's short comedic videos have amassed tens of millions of views on Facebook and YouTube.

His wife, Jyoti Tiwari, wrote on Instagram Monday that he had died, alongside a final video of Vohra in the hospital.

"This (oxygen) is extremely valuable right now," he said in the footage. "Without it patients get giddy and suffer."

"You try and call out for the attendant, but they don't come," he said. "They come in an hour's time or more, and you have to manage in their absence somehow."

In his final Facebook post, the actor added: "I would have lived had I received better treatment. Yours, Irahul Vohra," before tagging Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Facebook page.

India is in the midst of a devastating second wave of Covid-19, recording well over 300,000 new infections each day so far in May. On May 7, the country recorded a global record 414,188 new cases.

More than 246,000 people have died from Covid-19 in the country since the start of the pandemic.

"My Rahul has left us, everyone knows that but, no one knows how he left us," Tiwari wrote in her Instagram post, criticizing the hospital in which he stayed. "I hope my husband will get justice."

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