PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Opposing groups gathered in downtown Portland on Saturday, leading to marches, violence, a large police presence and the closure of Pioneer Courthouse Square. 

By 1 p.m., dozens of people arrived at Pioneer Courthouse Square as part of a “Him Too” rally.

Opposing groups, including Rose City Antifa and the Democratic Socialists of America of Portland, also gathered in downtown as part of a planned counter-protest.

The Portland Police Bureau notified the public about the planned demonstrations, but noted there were no permits issued for marches. However, people were still advised to be aware of the potential for blocked traffic downtown.

Shortly after 1 p.m., the counter-protesters began marching and chanting in the streets. Police warned that people would be arrested for not following their commands.

By 1:30 p.m., police reported seeing "violent activity." Marchers were advised to return to Lownsdale Square. 

The group eventually convened at Waterfront Park, before marching again into the streets. 

As the march continued, police were seen surrounding Pioneer Square in an effort to prevent a clash between the opposing groups. 

Police said officers had been hit with eggs and milkshakes. They also reported that "violent assaults" had taken place. 

After the groups seemed to briefly disperse, police were seen again working to separate protesters at Pioneer Square. The Portland Police Bureau then announced Pioneer Square was shut down and everyone on the property was ordered to leave.  

The situation was called an “unlawful assembly and civil disturbance” by police. Anyone who did not leave was “subject to arrest or use of force.”

The bulk of the demonstrators appeared to soon disperse, however tensions continued to be evident between remaining protesters and police near Pioneer Square at around 4 p.m. 

Several people were seen being taken into custody with their hands zip-tied by officers.

Police said they learned that milkshakes thrown during the protests contained quick-drying cement.

TriMet advised people to expect delays for all lines through the Portland City Center due to protest activity.

Nearly one year ago to the day, dueling protests in downtown Portland led police to declare that situation a riot.

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