LAS VEGAS (Meredith) -- A woman accused of running over and killing a nail salon owner was captured and arrested Friday after 13 days on the run, according to a tweet by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

The incident happened at a Las Vegas nail salon on Dec. 29. Police identified the suspect as Krystal Whipple, 21, on Jan. 3, and she was found and arrested in Glendale, Arizona on Jan. 11.

Police said Whipple ran over and killed nail salon owner Nhu "Annie" Ngoc Quynh Nguyen when she tried to leave without paying for her $35 manicure. The incident was caught on surveillance video.

Nail salon killing

Police identified Krystal Whipple, 21, right, as the suspect who fled a Las Vegas nail salon without paying. While fleeing, she ran over and killed Nhu "Annie" Nygen, left. Police said Whipple is still on the run.

Police said Whipple was in Crystal Nails and Spa attempting to pay for a $35 manicure when her card was declined (which police later discovered was fraudulent). She told Nguyen she would run out to her car to get cash.

When she got to her car, police said Whipple attempted to flee without paying.

In surveillance video released by police, Nguyen and her husband are seen running out of the salon after Whipple when they saw she was attempting to leave without paying.

Nguyen is seen running in front of the vehicle before Whipple accelerates and runs over Nguyen, dragging her 50 feet before escaping the parking lot, police said.

The car she fled the scene in was found abandoned in a nearby neighborhood, which police said was a rental car that was reported stolen three weeks ago.

Nguyen was later pronounced dead at at University Medical Center.

According to KVVU, Nguyen was a Vietnamese refugee, and she came to America and raised her three daughters as a single mother. She traveled the country before landing in Las Vegas two years ago, family members said. She and her husband Sonny loved their business. They were open 12 hours per day, seven days per week.

The nail salon will now be closed "until further notice."

(Google Street View)

(Google Street View)

A GoFundMe page was set up to raise money for Nguyen's funeral expenses.

The page said Nguyen was "a dutiful mother who always put her children first before herself." The page continued:

"She had been constantly putting in 12-14 hrs a day, 7 days a week to send her daughters to college and to support her mother, siblings, and grandchildren. Allowing them to have a greater opportunity in life, she worked endlessly to the point where she would skip eating until after hours so they would not have to work as hard as she did."

If you have any information about the case, please call the Las Vegas Metro Police Department Homicide Section at 702-828-3521 or send an email to

Police also reminded the public that if you ever see someone trying to leave somewhere without paying, call police but do not confront or run after the suspect for your own safety.

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