OVERLAND PARK, KS (KCTV) -- A 14-year-old girl who was struck by a vehicle Friday afternoon has now died.

Police said Sunday afternoon that the girl, identified as Alexandra “Alex” Rumple, died from her injuries while at an area hospital. 

The crash in which Rumple sustained her injuries happened Friday around 3:15 p.m.

According to the authorities, the car first left the road at 127th and Switzer, and Rumple was struck at 123rd and Switzer.

During the incident, the driver also hit a traffic signal. The car then stopped at 121st after hitting a fence. 

Rumple was walking north on the sidewalk when the car hit her and reportedly dragged her several feet. 

The person driving the vehicle sustained minor injuries, but is conscious and police are talking to him at the hospital, trying to find out why the girl was hit. It's too soon to know if he was impaired, had a medical condition or if there was some other mitigating factor. 

Police said the man went off the road at least three times. They are investigating at least three different scenes. 

Witnesses said the man was driving erratically and went off the road as many middle school students were walking home from school down the sidewalk. The children had to jump out of the way of the driver.

"My little brother and all his friends were right here," student Benjamin Bock said. "The car almost hit them as they were walking home. I looked over here and all the fence was torn up."

"He curved onto the grass where they were walking and came within a foot or two of them," he added. 

Many children and parents said they are heartbroken that the 14-year-old was hurt and are praying for her and her family.

A mother and daughter who were driving down Switzer stopped to try and comfort children who sadly saw the girl get hit.

They said that, before he hit the girl, he was driving down the sidewalk near the school and they immediately called 911 to report his dangerous driving as he sped past them.

After the mom and daughter gathered some of the girl’s scattered belongings, they went home and lit candles for her. They are praying she is able to recover.

“Her trumpet case was destroyed,” Veronica Spillman said. “Her trumpet case was bent. We collected her papers and some kids helped us stack it in a pile.”

“She was hit on one side, but she landed on the other side of the intersection,” Susan Spillman said. “It was horrible. Her things, her shoes were here. Her backpack was split open. Papers were flying.”

"I heard what sounded like a car driving super fast. I looked up in my rear view mirror and, at first, what I saw was a lot of dust," Susan Spillman said. 

"I was like, 'Oh my God,'" she said. "On the sidewalk next to us on the right -- because we were in the right-hand lane -- was a tan sedan deliberately, fast speeding down the sidewalk. So I said, 'Veronica, call 911 right now,' and we did. Right then."

“This person was driving deliberately, intentionally fast down the sidewalk for quite a distance before he hit the girl. Before he hit her, he hit other things," she said. "An electrical box that’s in the ground. He hit a stoplight, but he stayed on the sidewalk somehow straight.”

“He was driving straight at an extremely high rate of speed, definitely over 50 miles per hour,” she said, “which isn’t even the speed limit on the road.”

“I feel for her parents. I hope, I hope she makes it,” She added.

Officers ask anyone who witnessed today’s crash that hasn’t talked to investigators to call the Overland Park Police Department 913-895-6411.

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