11-year-old boy undergoing surgeries to reconstruct face after dog attack

Damian Sunderland is undergoing surgeries to reconstruct his face after dog attack. (University of Kansas Hospital)

An 11-year-old boy will have to go through months of surgery after a relative’s dog attacked him at home on June 20.

Damian Sunderland was flown to the PICU at Children's Mercy Hospital and was then transferred to the University of Kansas Hospital with threatening injuries.

He recently underwent a major surgery to graft skin to his cheeks, lower jaw, nose and the recreation of his lips.

Dr. Brian Andrews says he sees about two serious dog bites each year.

“We use skin grafts from different parts of Damian’s arms and legs to better match the natural skin tones,” Andrews said.

Andrews also explained that they could tattoo permanent color on his skin further down the road.

Damian’s mom, DeAnn Tieman, said he was so excited to hear that he would have lips again.

“He can’t comprehend that doctors can remake his face,” Tieman said.

To learn more about Damian's story and to keep up with his recovery, check out his Facebook page.

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