thanking lee's summit first responders

LEE’S SUMMIT, MO (KCTV) -- On Friday night, a daughter thanked the first responders who answered her frantic call for help finding her missing mom.

Her mother had a diabetic emergency while driving and was so disoriented she couldn’t describe where she was at while her blood sugar levels dropped.

Technology and fast-acting crews helped the mom get the help she needed. Dispatchers quickly pinged her cell phone and sent crews to search for her.

Every year, dispatchers answer thousands of calls to help strangers they’ll likely never meet.

On Monday, they answered Brea Collins’ plea for help about her mother.

“I was in complete panic,” Collins said. “I can’t find her, she can’t tell me where she is, and I need to help my mom.”

The calm voice on the other side of the phone was Carrie Rader, who told Collins to hang tight and that help was on the way.

“My partners immediately dispatched the call,” Rader said.

One Lee’s Summit police officer stayed by Collins’ side as fellow officers searched for her mother.

They found her near Gregory and Lee’s Summit Road by pinging her phone’s location.

“It came back within 9 feet of where her mom was,” Rader said. “Most times we can have a 2-mile radius for a ping."

They checked Collins’ mother’s blood sugar when they found her and it was 20, which is “extremely dangerously low.”

So, on Friday night, Collins thanked the team of Lee’s Summit dispatchers, officers, and firefighters who helped her mother when she needed it most.

“Hi,” Collins said. “Thank you so much for staying with me. I know you say it’s your job, but you don’t know how much it meant to me. You don’t know how much I appreciate you. Thank you.”

“Got her taken care of and she’s well and going to be able to spend Christmas with her family this year,” Rader said. “God is good."

Collins is hopeful that, one day, she’ll also be able to thank a good Samaritan who stopped to check on her mom before emergency crews arrived.

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