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KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- One mother wanted to surprise her 12-year-old daughter with tickets to see her favorite singer for her birthday, but there are no tickets and they’re out hundreds of dollars after a fake purchase on the internet.

It would have been the girl’s first concert.

Her mother buys and sells things on Craigslist a lot and has never been burned, so when she saw a post selling tickets to this weekend’s Taylor Swift concert, she jumped on it.

The man with the tickets said his wife and daughters couldn’t go anymore, so he was selling three tickets for $175 each.

“The seats were decent the price was really good,” the mother said. “It didn’t seem like the price was too good, at the same time,” she added.

After texting and talking on the phone, Amber Haq was ready to buy the tickets because she thought it was legitimate.

“I called him back and I said, ‘Hey, I’m getting ready to do the transfer,’” she said. “He sent me the picture of the Ticketmaster -- basically three tickets showing on the top that it will be transferable to me.”

They exchanged emails and then she transferred the money. Then, she sent a text to say it was done. However, it didn’t go through, so her husband called and realized the number was disconnected.

“I was really upset yesterday,” she said. “I kind of felt fooled. Like, fooled by someone. I thought I was doing everything right.”

After going through a range of emotions, she called her bank to report what happened.

“In most cases, they can’t, because I authorized the transfer,” she explained. “So, there may not be anything they can do at all.”

She’s out $375 and left without tickets to see Swift.

She said the experience will definitely change the way she buys things on the internet now.

“I am one of those people who would probably say, ‘Why would anyone do that?’ But at that moment, the way things were going, I felt really comfortable and didn’t have a reason not to believe the other person. But I would say to anyone, ‘Just be careful.’”

Unfortunately, she said she blew her budget and won’t be able to buy more tickets.

She said that, luckily, she hadn’t told her daughter yet so she won’t be disappointed.

The Swift concert is on Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium.

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