One person was wounded in an apparent shootout between people in two vehicles on a Kansas City highway early Monday evening.

Police say the shooting happened on northbound Interstate 435 and Bannister Road in Kansas City.

The victim sustained non-life threatening injuries in the shooting, while a second person was hurt from broken glass.

Witness recounts scary experience

A woman who stopped to help strangers after a shootout on a busy highway during rush-hour says the suspects put dozens of drivers in danger.

The mother, who wanted to conceal her identity, was driving home from work.

She saw a badly damaged vehicle and pulled over to see if she could use her first responder training to help.

“His leg was broken pretty badly," she said. "He had some abrasions on his face and a bullet hole in the back.”

As she was trying to help the injured passenger, she says she saw the driver put what looked like marijuana and a weapon in a backpack. Then police arrived.

She says the shootout selfishly put many lives at risk.A woman stopped to help strangers along I-435 near Bannister because they were hurt. She was unaware at first that a shootout caused the injuries. She says the senseless shooting could have hurt innocent bystanders. She asked us to conceal her identity. Update on @KCTV5 10pm— Emily Rittman KCTV5 (@EmilyRittman) April 25, 2018“You don’t drive down the highway expecting to get gunned down at 5:30 in the evening on your way home from work," she said.

I-435 was closed for about two hours on Monday evening, but it's back open.

Two guns were located, along with drugs.There is no suspect information.

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