Winnetonka High School employee quits job amidst social media allegations


A football coach at Winnetonka High School is no longer employed at the school due to allegations of inappropriate social media use.

The North Kansas City high school's principal let parents know about the incident in a phone message that said:"Good afternoon. This is Matt Lindsey, principal from Winnetonka High School. I need to inform you that allegations have recently surfaced about a staff member’s inappropriate use of social media. We are taking these allegations very seriously, and the employee is no longer on campus. Local law enforcement and other agencies are conducting an investigation and we are cooperating with their efforts."

"Winnetonka High School has high expectations for its staff and students. I can assure you our goal is to foster a safe and secure learning environment."The 29-year-old teacher had been a coach much longer than a teacher and students said there's been chatter for at least a year about flirtation with girls at school. But then someone started passing around screen shots of a private direct message conversation on Twitter between the coach and a senior.

Several students after school Thursday said they had the man as their coach for wrestling and football. Some still don’t believe what others are saying.

"To be honest, he wouldn't do that type of stuff. That's my opinion," Junior Justice Maciel said.

Other students said the alleged private Twitter conversation became public when someone started circulating screen shots.

"I would describe them as very vulgar, something that shouldn't be sent to under-aged or just girls in general if you're a teacher and they're a student, like, it shouldn't be said," Senior Tyrique Bennett said.

Bennett said the coach was like family to him, but he can’t defend what he saw.

"Just really disappointed. Someone you look up to, someone who's been helping you the past four years in high school. It's sad," he said.

Others said they have chosen to keep on and off the field separate.

"Even if he did, he's still a role model to me for the football field, weight room, wrestling. No matter what, he did teach me a lot of stuff," Senior DeVonte Stewart said.

The Clay County Prosecutor's Office said a school resource deputy took the report this week and it was handed off to the Clay County Sheriff's Office. Their deputies began investigating Wednesday or Thursday and the employee resigned during that time.

The sheriff's office said no one has been arrested at this point.

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