KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) – Police are searching for a driver involved in a hit and run after security video showed a worker hit by a car outside a Kansas City taco shop early Sunday morning.

Police said the incident took place outside TikiTaco located at 1710 West 39th Street just after 3 a.m.

In the video, the worker, identified as Kaitlynn Conner, was walking to a car parked outside the restaurant to bring an order.

Conner was walking to the driver’s side door when a west-bound vehicle came down the street and hit her and the customer’s car before speeding on down the street.

The video then showed a passerby come across the street to try and help the struck worker.

Police said Conner was thrown 8 to 10 feet from the collision. When officers arrived on scene, they found Conner, who told them she had been hit and was suffering from extreme back pain.

“I was just bawling and I was screaming because I was in so much pain,” said Conner.

Medical personnel took Conner to an area hospital for treatment. She posted early Monday morning on Facebook that she broke four bones in her back and she needs 6-8 weeks to heal. Conner also believes the driver was drunk.

“Absolutely nobody would swerve like that, if they saw a person nobody would swerve into them like that. Of course, he was drunk,” explained Conner.

Conner was still in the hospital Monday morning.

“My back, its manageable with meds. My back has been in excruciating pain,” said Conner.

Police searched the area for the suspect vehicle but were unable to locate it. Investigators said that appears that the driver did not attempt to stop at any time after the crash.

Conner believes the car that hit her was a four-door dark colored Chevrolet, either an Impala or a Malibu.

Conner is out of the hospital Monday evening.

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