VIDEO: Police officers turn wranglers after 3 horses escape in Gladstone

Officers became wranglers after three horses escaped and were seen wandering on Troost Avenue. (Twitter/Gladstone DPS)

The Gladstone Police Department responded to a rare, unbridled call Wednesday morning.

Officers became wranglers after three horses escaped and were seen wandering on North Troost Avenue near Northeast 72nd Street.

Jessica Tunstill and her family were up about 6 a.m. frantically searching for their horses.

“Then, we started getting phone calls and texts from friends ... the police have your horses. They’re in Gladstone," she said.

Tunstill thinks a contractor working on her home left the gate open and the horses walked right out. They’d made it about two miles away from home.

The police department posted a video of the "high-speed" chase on their Facebook page as officers worked to corral the horses and keep them from being hit by passing vehicles.

In the video, an officer is heard asking, "Ideas for how to wrangle three horses walking down Troost?"

Officers finally lassoed them at a church, and Tunstill’s teenage son walked the horses back home. Police shared pictures of their victory on Twitter after successfully wrangling the trio of four-legged beasts.

“While all the high school traffic was coming in, his friends were waiving at him saying, 'I didn’t know it was 'Bring Your Horse to School Day,'” she said.

Tunstill can laugh about the animals disappearing act now but says she’s relieved they’re home safe.

“I’m just thankful it turned out the way it did," she said.

Tunstill says the horses like to ride on the pavement, and she thinks that is why they stayed on the road.

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