(WTOV/Meredith) -- New details are emerging about a disturbing situation in southeastern Ohio.

Two young children were found naked, alone and trapped in a dirty room in Toronto. One of the boys dangled himself out of a second-story window, where a neighbor saw him.

New body cam video released by the Toronto Police Department shows the moment officers climbed a ladder to enter the apartment on Friday afternoon.

"Deplorable conditions. It's probably one of the worst houses I've even been in,” Sgt. Derrick Piatt, with the Toronto police, said. “Several hundred flies were inside."

Inside, they found two young boys. Police say they are only two and three years old.

One boy was found standing by the window completely naked. Police say this is the child that got a neighbor’s attention by hanging out of the second-story window and throwing clothes to the alley below.

In the video, you can see the other boy huddled up in a fetal position wearing nothing but a red T-shirt.

Sgt. Piatt tried to open the doors and let other officers in the room. But he realized the locks on the doors were swapped, facing the hallway. Even worse, the door handles were tied shut using an extension cord.

Sgt. Piatt was forced to cut through the wire to open the doors.

Authorities say the mother, 27-year-old Marcisha Ortiz, left the children at 5 a.m. Saturday morning and went to work, leaving the boys without a meal since Thanksgiving evening.

When asked what Ortiz said when she was questioned about locking the children in a room with no supervision, police had this to say.

"She didn't give us any reason,” Sgt. Piatt said. “When asked why, she just looked at us, and stated she didn't know."

Ortiz is facing a felony charge of endangering the welfare of children and possession of drugs.

She remains behind bars. The children are now in custody of Child Protective Services.

Officials say if you suspect child abuse or neglect your own neighborhood, you should call the police.

Ohio also has a hotline for reporting such incidents.

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