Baby shot 4 times; father accused of using him as a 'human shield'

Nafes Monroe, 25, is accused of using his 11-month-old son as a "human shield" while trying to buy drugs with counterfeit money.

(Meredith) -- A father is accused of using his 11-month-old son as a "human shield" during a botched drug deal in Philadelphia.

Nafes Monroe, 25, was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and reckless endangerment following the incident last month. 

Police said Monroe had his infant son, Yaseem Jenkins, in the car with him when he attempted to buy drugs with counterfeit money on Oct. 19. The alleged drug dealer became upset and opened fire, striking the baby four times, the Associated Press reported. The child was shot once in head, once in the chest and twice in the buttocks. 

"This was not the first instance of Mr. Monroe using counterfeit money," said Anthony Voci, head of the District Attorney’s Office Homicide Unit. 

"Our investigation has led us to believe that he intentionally had his child with him when he was making such types of purchases with the idea or belief that if someone saw that he had a child in the car that they would not fire upon him," he added. "A human shield is probably the term that I would use."

Authorities said Monroe initially took the child to a home before taking him to a hospital.

"[He] dropped his child off at the hospital and never looked back," said Voci.

The baby remains hospitalized.

A family spokesperson released the following statement to WPVI-TV on behalf of the child's mother: "My son is fighting for his life and it is not fair. He's innocent, so precious, and his smile will brighten up anyone's day. He's such a bubbly kid. So loving and lovable. How could anyone be so heartless!" 

The alleged shooter, 29-year-old Francisco Ortiz, is facing multiple charges, including attempted murder.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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