(KFSN/Meredith) -- A California mother is under arrest after her 3-year-old child died in a hot car. 

Police say the child was left in the car for hours as temperatures reached into the triple digits while the mother was working at an illegal marijuana grow. 

Sergeant Mike Verissimo with Visalia Police told KFSN the car's doors were closed and its windows were up. 

The girl, identified as Jessica Campos, died at the hospital. 

"It's a complete tragedy. Our heart goes out to Jessica. We have to remember, it's getting to be a time of the year where its 100 degrees every day. It gets even hotter than that, quickly, inside a locked vehicle. Our kids have to be our priority. We have to remember them and take their best interests into heart," Sgt. Verissimo said. 

"It's just heartbreaking. You know we were hoping that whoever they took in the ambulance they were going to be ok but.." said Elena Barba, who lives across the street. "Accidents happen but I don't know how she can forget a kid in the car." 

Police say while the child was in the car her mother, Eustajia Mojica, 28, was working at an illegal marijuana grow.

Police found 150 plants and 475 pounds of processed cannabis at the home. 

Four other adults were home at the time of the incident. All were arrested on child endangerment charges because another four children were found at the grow house. 

Mojica faces child endangerment charges as well as involuntary manslaughter for the death of her daughter. 

Police say the other children at the house have been turned over to child welfare services. 

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