UMKC student says she was sexually assaulted by three student-athletes

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Officials at the University of Kansas Missouri-Kansas have confirmed they are investigating a possible sexual assault committed by students.

Interim Chancellor and Provost Barbara A. Bichelmeyer says it happened Friday at an off-campus party.

The school's Title IX Coordinator is conducting an inquiry.

"We take such reports very seriously," the school said in a statement. "UMKC puts the highest priority on the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and members of our community. We have reached out to persons involved in this matter and an investigation is underway."

On Tuesday, the victim described the incident as an assault that happened at a party.

She's been sharing her story on social media and urging police and the university of take action.

The victim, who wanted to remain anonymous, said it happened at a party near 49th Street and Lydia.

"I was already on guard," the student said. "I didn't want to be touched like that."

She said she ran into three student-athletes at the party. She suspected they were drunk and says she told them not to touch her.

She said they then mocked her, kept touching her and starting taking off their pants.

"It all happened incredibly fast," she said. "I stepped to the door, the guy across from me stepped in front of the door, and the guy to the right of me grabbed me to pull me back into the room."

The Title IX process is designed to be thorough, and the federal law guiding the process sets out procedures designed to protect the rights of both accusers, and the accused, during the process.

The university sent out a note to students on Monday.

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