Overland Park wants opioid manufacturers to pay

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Across the country, research is being done to determine the best ways to address the opioid crisis.

Today, UMKC’s School of Nursing & Health Sciences announced their partnership in helping to end the crisis after receiving a grant. Here’s what they’ll be doing with that money.

Of the $24 million being awarded, one part of UMKC will receive $8 million over the next two years.

The focus will be on teaching nurses, physicians and other providers how best to address the opioid crisis.

There are an estimated 2.4 million Americans that have an opioid use disorder. With this grant, the school will be able to provide technical assistance to each state to help providers who treat the addiction.

Officials with the school said with a problem this widespread, the implications if we don’t address it are far-reaching.

“It robs the economy of a productive workforce,” said Ann Cary, PhD, the School of Nursing and Health Services Dean. “It robs our children of their ability to learn and to grow up to be successful adults. And it robs our country of the assets that we have for people who are dysfunctional, because they can't do any better because of the addiction.”

The group hopes through their time invested, more providers will be able to join the fight against the opioid crisis and to educate those involved on the latest best practices.

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