Two women allege Kansas City police officer raped them

Jeffery Holmes

Two women told Kansas City police that a veteran officer raped them in recent months.

Jeffrey Holmes, 47, of Kansas City served with the Kansas City Police Department for 13 years and was assigned to the south patrol unit. He is now behind bars facing two felony counts involving public corruption.

In addition to the women's statements, police said witnesses corroborated their stories. Evidence seized off Holmes' cell phone and computers at his home backed up their claims, according to court documents.

A prostitute told police in mid-April that Holmes raped her on March 24 at an Extended Stay America near East 105th Street and Holmes Road.

She said Holmes saw her online ad and asked her to meet him. She refused, but told him her location. Holmes came to the motel wearing a uniform, according to court records.

He told the woman that she was "busted for prostitution," and attempted to handcuff her. She refused, but called the front desk because she thought Holmes was a security guard, according to court records.

Warning - the following has graphic details.

The front desk clerk said he saw Holmes, wearing his police uniform, and the woman, who was in tears. The clerk said Holmes told him that the woman was a prostitute he would be booking into jail. The officer later told the clerk that the woman was going to become an informant and would help set up a bust at the motel, according to court documents.

After the clerk left, the woman said Holmes began to grope her but said he didn't have any money. She said she understood him to want sex for free.

"CC (the woman) stated she was afraid of Holmes. CC stated Holmes removed his gun belt and lowered his pants," according to court documents. "CC stated she then performed oral sex on Holmes and then had vaginal sex with Holmes because she wanted him to leave."

The woman later contacted police. She thought she had been raped by a security guard, but pointed Holmes out to police when she saw him in the south patrol parking lot while filing a police report on a separate matter. Phone records showed phone calls by Holmes to the woman between 10 p.m. and midnight on March 23.

On May 20, a second woman contacted off-duty officers at the A-1 Motel at 6701 E. 87th St. to say that Holmes had raped her a month earlier. She said Holmes accused her of being a prostitute, which she denied. Police did find an online listing for her.

She said she was sharing a room with another woman, who was ordered to leave by Holmes. The woman, known as JL, believed she had warrants out for her arrest and marijuana in the room. Holmes threatened to have her arrested if she did not have sex with him, according to court documents.

Fearing that she would go to jail, the woman gave Holmes a condom and had sex with him. He then tossed the condom onto the top of the toilet seat. After Holmes left, the woman took a picture of the condom and entitled it "Cop DNA." She emailed the photo and text to her friend who had left the room, according to court documents. She said the officer had attacked her, according to court documents.

The woman's friend was mad that JL hadn't paid her share of the rent and found Holmes and told him about the photo. Holmes rushed back to the room, cleaned up and flushed the condom. He made the woman delete her text and threatened her, according to court documents. Holmes made JL leave the room.

JL would later give officers access to her phone and they were able to retrieve the picture, according to court documents. The woman who told Holmes about the picture also spoke with detectives about she saw.

Holmes was arrested and charged on Monday. He refused to speak with detectives, according to court documents.

He had told officers that he would turn himself in last week, but repeatedly didn't show up. He also stopped showing up for work after the allegations were made. He was suspended from the force and told officers he began driving a truck.

According to prosecutors, Holmes committed the public corruptions felonies when he used his position as an officer to force the women to have sex in exchange for him not raising them. He was not charged with assaulting the women.

KCTV5 first broke word about Holmes being investigated in May. Click here to read the original report.

Prosecutors sought a $25,000 bond, but a Jackson County judge set bond at $75,000.

The department said he was removed from patrol duty and placed in an administrative assignment when the crime was reported on April 26.

Holmes was originally suspended with pay on May 10, but now that the charges have been filed, the department said Holmes has been suspended without pay.

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