A Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper, whose vehicle was vandalized by a BB gun on Thursday, has been reunited with his stolen items.

Cpl. Nate Bradley told KCTV5 he found his patrol vehicle with its windows shattered on Thursday morning.

Someone had stolen a shotgun, magazines, bullet-resistant body armor, and other items. The most important item to him was his medic bag, which has a custom stencil on the outside.

“For me, it was irreplaceable," said Bradley. "I used it when I was deployed in Afghanistan in 2012. I’m a medic in the Army National Guard and I used it to take care of my buddies."

Bradley’s truck was among 7 vehicles vandalized near Charlotte Street in the Martin City neighborhood. Now, he knows what happened.

An early morning police chase on Friday ended with officers finding a stash of stolen items stuffed inside a crashed car.

The stockpile included Bradley’s bulletproof vest and another Kansas City police officer’s badge.

Police said the suspected thief, 30-year-old Richard Connely, pointed a rifle at officers several times before crashing into a fence in Grandview.

On Friday, he was charged with felony first-degree assault against a law enforcement officer and armed criminal action. More charges could be filed.

The slow-speed chase began in Lee’s Summit around 4:30 a.m. on Friday at an apartment complex’s parking lot on O’Brien Road.

Someone called 911 to report a car prowler. When an officer arrived, he found the suspect inside a Ford Focus.

“As the officer walks up and has a brief conversation with that driver, the driver throws it in drive and takes off,” police said.

The officer tried to stop the vehicle but said Connely rolled down his window and pointed an “AR rifle” with a scope at the officer.

“The driver was repeatedly pointing a rifle completely out of the vehicle back at officers who are pursuing him,” according to police.

Police said they followed the dangerous driver, who threw a long gun, badge, bulletproof vest and an “unknown white substance” out of the window.

“It is very shocking, something like this,” said neighbor Kristen Brown. “To wake up and find out this all happened.”

After the crash, police searched the vehicle that the suspect crashed into a fence near a Grandview apartment complex.

“The vehicle was so full of stuff,” police said. “Clothing, body armor, a couple other weapons. It appears that the vehicle is basically full of proceeds from car larcenies, stealing.”

Prosecutors have requested a $200,000 bond for Connely.

Bradley said he’s happy to have his things, especially his medic bag, back. He said it’s all thanks to good police work.

“There's a lot of traffic direction just among the police departments themselves to try to coordinate, communicate and share information and pass on information so that we can apprehend the suspect,” said Bradley.

About two weeks ago, Lee’s Summit police said about 75 vehicles were shot up with a BB gun. Investigators say they’re looking into whether Connely is connected.

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