(Meredith) -- Would you pay $75 for one cup of coffee?

That’s exactly how much the most expensive cup of coffee in the world costs -- and in North America, you can only find it at Klatch Coffee in San Francisco.

The coffee, called the Elida Geisha Natural, costs world-record $803 per pound.

Out of an available 100 pounds, Klatch got its hands on 10 pounds of Elida Geisha Natural at an auction where it was offered to buyers all over the world. Klatch says most of the available coffee went to Japan, China and Taiwan.

Bo Thiara with Klatch Coffee tells KGO-TV the 10 pounds the company bought will make just 80 cups of coffee for customers.

According to Klatch’s website, the Elida Geisha Natural won First Place in the most recent Best of Panama coffee competition.

The unique coffee is a rare variety of Arabica coffee that comes from Panama but has origins in Ethiopia. It is known for its floral, tea-like and fruit flavors. Flavor notes include jasmine, bergamot, sugar cane and stone fruit (peach or apricot). The “natural” term in the name Elida Geisha Natural describes the process in which the coffee cherry is passively dried to separate seed from pulp, rather than being washed to separate them. This process is known for adding fruit notes like strawberry, raspberry and blueberry.

Those who forked over $75 for the Elida Geisha Natural tried it at a one-day-only event at Klatch on Saturday morning.

Klatch Coffee has been around since 1993 and has six locations in California.

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