Thief steals key, then car from Overland Park gym

A picture of the person suspected of stealing the car. (Overland Park Police)

Most people come to the Matt Ross Community Center for a good workout, but one man had a different goal in mind.

Even though he looked like he was dressed for the gym, Overland Park police say he walked into the locker room without checking in and stole a set of keys from an unlocked locker. Then, he drove away in a member's car, which wasn't his.

Police said the thief walked through the parking lot pressing a button on the stolen key fob until he found the right car.

The victim of the theft told KCTV5 News in a message that he never thought a crime like this would happen at his local gym.

He's sharing photos of the person suspected of stealing his car in hopes of catching him.

Lindsey Shank always keeps a combination lock on her locker to keep crimes like this from happening to her.

“I just put the things I need in the locker, lock it up, and continue on,” she said.

Barbara Brown prefers a padlock and key, but she said others at her gym don't always secure their belongings.

“I know a lot of people who just leave their purses and everything in there without a lock on,” she said.

“I've done that a few times,” Shank noted. “Not here, particularly.”

Shank said that the Matt Ross Community Center always feels like a safe place, but she still prefers to lock up her things.

“Every place has its risks,” she said. You never know.”

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