Teens accused of sexual assault at school


Two teens are accused of sexually assaulting another student at Southwest Early College Campus.

Kansas City Public Schools said it is cooperating with police in their investigation and two of their students are now in custody.

Investigators released little information about the reported rape, only saying it happened at the Southwest Early College Campus, located at 6512 Wornall Road, Thursday.

Jackson County's juvenile officer said the boys, who are 14 and 15 years old, were arrested that same day and charged with first-degree rape. They are being held at the Jackson County Juvenile Detention Center.

No prosecutors would give the suspects' names, most likely because of their age.

Superintendent Dr. Stephen Green issued the following statement:

"On April 2, 2014 it was reported to us that a student at Southwest Early College Campus was allegedly the victim of a sexual assault. Since learning of these very serious and troubling allegations, I directed the KCPS administration to undertake an investigation and to fully cooperate with the Kansas City Police Department during its investigation. My team and I are deeply concerned about all the children involved in this alleged incident."

"As a result of KCPS's investigation, we have placed a number of personnel from SWECC on administrative leave pending the completion of the investigation. There will be additional personnel placed on administrative leave if the investigation uncovers additional facts that warrant their removal. Once the investigation is complete, a final decision will be made about whether they will continue as employees of KCPS or will be dismissed. I have directed my team to take any and all steps necessary to insure the safety of our students and our staff at SWECC."

"I have also directed the Facilities Department to make any modifications that they believe are necessary to prevent any further incidents of this sort. We are committed to insuring that our buildings are safe and secure for our children and staff. "

Authorities are providing no additional information at this time.

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