Students, police join forces to keep kids safe in the classroom

Police and kids are working together across the metro to solve crimes and keep kids safe.

TONGANOXIE, KS (KCTV) -- Police and kids are working together across the metro to solve crimes and keep kids safe.

The “Scholastic CrimeStoppers” program is already saving lives – even stopping student suicides and bullying.

To date, 12 student suicides have been prevented thanks to Scholastic tip submissions.

Officials have also recovered drugs, weapons and stolen property from students.

The program is being used at 58 schools across the metro, with Tonganoxie High School being one of the latest to join in.

“It’s important that we know what’s going on through the students – through the best eyes and ears – so we can react accordingly when something bad is getting ready to happen, or has already happened and we need to investigate,” Tonganoxie Police Chief Greg Lawson said.

Unlike the “adult” CrimeStoppers program which is restricted to felony crimes only, the Scholastic program will accept any information that students are willing to report.

“So students can actually report different kind of criminal activity or concerns for the school,” Lawson said.

It’s all done by utilizing a mobile app called "P3." Students can submit anonymous information and can even include pictures, video or documents.

“That will only go to the principal, SRO, myself (Police Chief) and investigative staff,” Lawson said.

Tonganoxie High School principal Mark Farrar said it gives them more insight into what’s happening on campus.

“We’re trying to provide a safe environment for our kids to learn. Another reason is because across the state of Kansas, and really across the country today we have lots of kids with social and emotional needs. And we want to provide another avenue for kids to reach out when they’re in a moment of crisis,” Farrar said.

Tonganoxie High School is in its third week of the program, and the app has already collected 39 tips.

“It absolutely makes our school, our kids and our community a safer place,” Farrar said.

Students are eligible to receive up to $2,000 in reward money if their tip does lead to a felony arrest.

Several Scholastic tips have been approved for payout since inception of the program.

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