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OLATHE, KS (KCTV) -- Like many millennials, Tiffany Rhodes is addicted to using the internet.

She was born premature and her mother said she has had 23 surgeries in her 25 years of life.

She uses sign language to communicate because she is deaf and has autism.

However, her mother said that her biggest worry is, "If something happened to me, would she be able to call 911?”

Providing information to first responders would be near impossible.

A solution is a small sticker on their front door. It says, “Special Needs Person. May Not Respond to Verbal Commands.” Below those words is the name of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and their phone number and email address.

It's another tool for law enforcement officers that was designed by Johnson County Deputy Dylan Hurt. The city of Olathe calls him an unsung hero and presented him with the city's Diversity Champion Award last month.

"We found out about this sticker, which I should have had on the doors years ago,” Rhodes’ mother said. “Everybody with a special needs child or adult needs one on their doors.”

"A lot of people consider it to be a Godsend,” said Vanessa Vaughn West, Communications Relations Manager for Olathe.

It provides a sense of security for Rhodes and her mother. 

Hundreds of the stickers have been handed out to families in Johnson County and they could save lives. 

The stickers are part of a program the sheriff's office has called “Take Me Home,” where you can add a special needs person’s picture and information to a database that law enforcement can access. 

If you want one of the stickers, you can visit the locations below:

  • Johnson County Communications Building: 11880 S Sunset Drive
  • Johnson County Courthouse: 100 N Kansas Ave.
  • Justice Annex: 588 E Santa Fe St.
  • Sheriff's Operation Building: 27747 159th St. in New Century

For more information, visit http://www.jocosheriff.org/divisions-units/dispatch/take-me-home

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