Kansas City police closed some roads near 30th Street and Highland Avenue Friday because of a standoff that ended with officers entering the home and not finding the suspect inside.

The SWAT team didn't find the shooting suspect, who they are still looking for, when they searched the apartment building they had surrounded earlier. But police said they know exactly who the suspect is because the victim who was shot told them his own brother pulled the trigger.

"Heard a loud scream and seen it. And she called and told me what was going on," said a man who wanted his identity concealed.

The man said his wife saw the injured shooting victim lying in the street at 30th Street and Highland Avenue about 10:30 a.m. She was then stuck in their home for several hours as the SWAT unit surrounded a house across the street from theirs at 30th and Woodland Avenue looking for the shooter.

"She's also nervous for her safety. Police (were) all around our house, backyard, kind of terrifying," the man said.

Turns out the victim was shot by his own brother. Police said a good Samaritan saw the wounded man in the middle of the street and stopped to help him. The driver even pulled out his own gun to protect the victim from possibly being shot again.

"We always encourage people to protect themselves so, in stopping to help someone they may have saved a life. We thank them for that," Sgt. Marisa Barnes with the Kansas City, MO, Police Department said.

About 1 p.m. Friday, the SWAT team entered the home, but they didn't find the gunman who remains on the run.

Members of the Stop the Killing KC Coalition said their message to people is that violence is never the answer. Its members are trained to step in and help families with mediation before tempers flare out of control.

"We have to get out here and let people know, first of all, we can't solve our problems like this. (We) Do training with young people, training with people so they find other ways to resolve issues and doesn't end up in a shooting," Sasteah Mosley with Stop the Killing KC Coalition said.

The shooting victim is recovering at a hospital and is expected to survive. Police are not releasing the name of the gunman they're looking for.

If you have a dispute with a friend or relative and need help, you can call the Stop the Killing KC Coalition at 816-729-2314. Volunteers said they go out at least three times a week to mediate and help people resolve issues without violence.

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