KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Derrion Thomas, the son of Chiefs legend Derrick Thomas, says he was out at a Kansas City nightclub with Kareem Hunt the night he was accused of attacking a man, leaving him with broken bones.

“It was really just helping a friend out in a situation. That’s really all I would comment on it,” Thomas said.

It is not uncommon for Chiefs players and their families to bond with other members of the Chiefs family.

It was Thomas you can see trying to step in when things were getting out of hand at Moasic nightclub in the Power & Light District.

Thomas didn’t go into details on the record but says he just did what any friend would do in that situation and just try and bring it to a peaceful end.

“I wish all the best for him, and I hope things can kind of get back to normal for him in life,” he said.

Kansas City officials say without a victim being willing to say they were attacked and allowing prosecutors to continue with their case, there’s no proof of anything from just surveillance video.

“In that clip, all I see is a person that looks to be Kareem Hunt in a group of folks, maybe there’s something he did, maybe there’s not,” said Jim Ready, the manager of Kansas City’s Regulated Industries division.

Employees at bars in Kansas City are not required to report crimes they see but bar owners are.

“They have to report every time there is a disturbance at their business to KCPD and to myself,” Ready said.

So why wasn’t the alleged incident with Hunt reported to the liquor review board? The answer isn’t simple.

“Every instance is different,” Ready said.

Ready has a team of people that go to places like Power & Light to check in on businesses. He says there are more than 1,000 liquor license holders in the city.

Ready says he has to have clear and convincing evidence, like police reports and evidence of violence, before he threatens to revoke a liquor license.

Ready says the alleged Hunt incident was not reported to him.

“No. Like the rest of the city, all of this has become news to me now that this whole case has broke out,” he said.

Liquor licenses are renewed each year. Ready says this one incident will not have an impact on Mosaic.

In the last 12 months, there were 25 reports filed after incidents at Mosaic, Kansas City police say.

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