Some unhappy with what Google Fiber installation does to their yards


While a lot of people have been very excited to have Google Fiber come to their neighborhood, others aren't too pleased with what it's doing to their yards.

Most Google Fiber crews seen digging through areas in front or behind people's yards are laying fiber optic cables. As one homeowner discovered, they just may have the right to be on your property.

Betty Ulschak has been in her Kansas City home on Drury Lane for over 50 years.

"My husband totally rebuilt this house. It used to look like that but he rebuilt it," she said.

When she saw crews digging in her yard, in front and beside her home, she didn't understand what was happening.

"I said, ‘who are you and what are you doing in my yard?' And they said, ‘we are just doing our job' and I said, ‘well, what job is that?' ‘We are Google people and we are doing our job,'" Ulschak said.

Google Fiber has been laying thousands of miles of fiber optic cables throughout the city launching their high speed, faster internet and cable options. Some people have complained about uprooted trees and large holes.

One crew out working Thursday is a subcontractor crew hired by Google. The crew has not received complaints. But the crew in Ulschak's neighborhood upset her so she called the city of Kansas City.

"But this is my private property. Why do they have the right to come and dig this all up?" she said.

Ulschak may not realize that not all of the uprooted dirt is actually her property. The city in which she lives owns the easements and right-of-ways near her home.

A Google spokesperson says the ten feet surrounding a utility pole in her yard belongs to the city.

The subcontractor crew installed an anchor for one of their cables in the easement to her home.

"They don't have the right to come in my yard. I don't want people prowling in my yard and not telling me what they are doing," she said.

People may notice another company marking utilities such as water lines and other pipes in their yard. This is another company hired to make sure that all pipes are properly marked, which is why people will then see the different colored flags.

If someone is concerned about their property, they should take a before and after picture and find out from the contractor who they are working for. They are required to leave a note on a person's door if the crews walk through their property.

Click here if you have questions or complaints about Google Fiber.

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