Some Peculiar residents say it's time to change a street name in Cass County.

They believe the road "Hanging Tree Lane" is a reminder of a racist past when lynchings took place; others say the name refers to a tree that hangs over the road.

Cass County leaders have received a complaint about it. Officials told KCTV5 the city does not have a specific written record for the history of the street name.

Tami Ingalls, who lives on the street, says she is not overly opinionated about the road - but said it could provide a teaching moment to speak about the past.

"I wonder what people think when I say I live in Hanging Tree Lane," she said. "Not only is it a very long address and a very wordy address, but to have the word hanging tree in my address, it just doesn’t condone who I am or speak to who we are as a family or what we’re about."

In order to have the street name changed, a petition would need to be signed by two-thirds of the people who live on the street.

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