More than 100 snowplow drivers are out practicing their routes through Overland Park to prepare for the snow.

Fernando Santamaria has nine years of experience, but he said this time to practice is still important.

“It’s important to get comfortable in the truck, move the plows again, and drive around traffic. There’s maybe some construction in that area. You can try to predict some of the parked cars that will be on your route,” said Santamaria.

Santamaria said it’s important not to double park along the street – in other words, one car parked on each side of the road across from each other. Staggering cars is a bit better, but Santamaria showed KCTV5 it’s still challenging to maneuver around them.

It’s best if all the cars are parked on the same side of the street, or better yet, in the garage or driveway.

If you’re driving near a snow plow at work, drivers ask you to please slow down.

“I don’t know how they look at it. They try to go around us quite a bit instead of just staying behind us when we’re cleaning the road for them,” said Santamaria.

The city started prepping the trucks for winter two months ago. Now it’s time to get the drivers prepared.

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