KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) --An investigation into serial rapist 800 miles away has uncovered a link to cold case rapes in Kansas City.

Police in New Orleans got a search warrant for DNA on Daniel Meriday. They say it matched four cases there and three in the Kansas City metro.

Police have yet to reveal details on the cold cases he’s now connected to.

But one ex-girlfriend says he went to high school in Kansas City and another says he lived in the metro until just three years ago when he left town under a cloud of suspicion.

“Had to change my kids’ names because he was going under an alias name,” voiced Camille Graves, Suspect’s Ex-Girlfriend.

Meriday fathered three of her kids, more than 10 years ago.

“He was abusive, physically and verbally when we were together. This was when I was a young teenager,” exclaimed Graves.

Meriday was 19 when their first child was born. Now he’s 34. Another ex-girlfriend who had four kids with him, called him controlling.

Three years ago, she says, a 14-year-old confided to her that Meriday had tried to sexually assault her.

She says Meriday took off to New Orleans that very night, and under the circumstances, she was glad to have him gone.

Later that same year came the NOLA sex crimes.

Authorities in New Orleans describe all of the crimes as stranger attacks in which either a gun or a knife was used. They say the three Kansas City crimes all happened between 2004 and 2005.

Those were the same years when Graves was with him. She had no suspicion at the time.

Both women say there is a long line of exes, with at least four women and 11 kids in the mix.

He is in custody in Louisiana and made his first court appearance there Tuesday.

Some of Meriday’s DNA was in a nationwide database after it was collected in Louisiana.

Sexual assault kits were done in Kansas City on his alleged victims.

Now, police in Kansas City are investigating, bringing up the trauma of the crime again.

“It’s opening an old wound for a lot of survivors,” said Victoria Pickering, MOCSA Director of Advocacy.

Pickering says this case is a prime example why the state needs to work through the backlog for sexual assault kits.

“It can connect different crimes. It can show us patterns.” Pickering continued, “It may help us hold people accountable in the future and it may help us prevent future violence.”

At this point, it has not been made clear when Meriday would be extradited to face charges in the metro.

Suspected serial rapist arrested for at least 7 attacks in Kansas City, New Orleans

Editors Note: In earlier records, the suspects named was spelled "Meridy". In both Kansas and Missouri records, that is a alis used by Meriday. 

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