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BELTON, MO (KCTV) -- A group of Boy Scouts were not letting the frigid forecast keep them from camping overnight for a cause.

They called it a “Cardboard Campout” and when asked if the cold would cut the event short, they said, “No way!”

A scout’s motto is “be prepared” and they had to be to endure Friday night outside.

Their assistant scoutmaster made them a list and wrote to the company Coleman for donated zero-degree sleeping bags.

“We’re one of the troops that’s low-income families, but we try to work with the boys and do a lot of fundraisers,” said Assistant Scoutmaster Michelle Yearout.

The boys in Troop 1160 had several challenges such as building the box, trying to get tape to stick in the cold, and battling the wind.

The scouts didn’t know all of what was behind the event.

“I think it’s just to test how good we are or something,” Dakota Bardwell said.

“We’re doing this so we can get prepared for the Klondike,” Elijah McFerrin said.

However, Den Chief Tyler Cook filled them in. “We want to show people what it’s like for someone who’s homeless to struggle and find shelter in the winter months like these” he said.

Obviously one night is just a glimpse, but Scoutmaster David Parker hopes they wake up prepared to both endure and understand.

“We are developing the skills so we can be prepared,” Parker said. “So, when it’s cold, we don’t freeze our little tootsies off, but also it’s how can we be empathetic to other people’s plights.”

As far as the safety of the children is concerned, they camped outside a church overnight so that they would be able to go inside in case anyone got dangerously cold.

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