Royals fan travels halfway around the world to watch team play

(Courtesy: Zaldy Doyungan/KCTV)

This Saturday when the Royals take on the Giants there will be one fan sitting in the crowd who has traveled over 6,500 miles to fulfill his lifelong dream of attending a Royals game.

SungWoo Lee has a big week ahead of him. From the moment he landed it was evident that he was excited to be in Kansas City.

Fresh off a plane from South Korea, Lee had no idea an entourage of Royals fans and television crews were waiting for his arrival. When he figured out what was going on, he rushed to show off his Royals pride.

"My family will not believe this scene," he said.

He paid for his own trip halfway around the world just to see his favorite team after spending more than 20 years waking up in the middle of the night to watch them on a time delay on Armed Forces television in his home country.

"It's not easy to watch every Royals game, but yeah I try to catch Royals game all the time," Lee said.

Over the years Lee connected with other fans through Twitter and a group of them came to greet him with a big Midwestern welcome.

"I'm not sure I deserve this. But yeah, I'm really excited to be here in Kansas City," he said.

"It's been just about every emotion you can think of. We've been excited from the beginning that he's coming. Could not wait for this day," said Dave Darby, a local Royals fan.

From the Kansas City International Airport, Lee was off to tour the Midwest and go to Kauffman Stadium every chance he gets.

"I will have a great time for my memory, for my lifetime," he said.

The day after his arrival Lee spent a fun filled day seeing some of the sights and sounds that Kansas City has to offer.

He started his day at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum where he learned about Jackie Robinson and Kansas City's rich baseball history. Everywhere he went, people seemed to follow.

"We started with eight people on our tour and it ended up being about 35 people plus the media that finished it out," Darby said.

From there it was on to barbecue at Arthur Bryant's, where cheers greeted Lee and his hosts while they waited for their food.

A fan who only new of Lee from Twitter gave him a Mike Sweeney bobblehead, something the man considers a prized possession. Lee could hardly put the bobblehead down, but he did when people started lining up to get their pictures taken with him.

"You're famous man. The president was here last week and this is a bigger deal than that," one Royals fan said.

Lee took some time to offer his input on the team.

"I think Ned Yost is a very good players' manager," he said during a phone interview with a radio station.

Lee said he doesn't mind all the attention. He just wants one thing out of his visit and the Royals homestand.

"Sweep the Giants and Athletics," he said.

Lee will go watch his first ever Royals game on Saturday when they take on the San Francisco Giants.

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