Authorities investigate reported rape inside Jackson County Jail

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Marie is 37-years-old and the mother of three children. She cries and gasps for air as she describes being attacked inside a Jackson County Jail cell.

She remembers the orange jumpsuits, tattoos and screaming, 'No!'

Marie struggles to understand how this could happen. Did a guard let them in? Or did someone find a key? She was sleeping when someone unlocked her cell.

“No one likes to be treated wrong,” Marie said. “I’m a person too ... I was so terrified.”

Marie is one of two women who report being sexually attacked and raped inside the Jackson County Regional Detention Center. That’s the jail for people facing municipal charges. KCTV5 is protecting the women’s full identities at their request.

The other victim is 31-year-old CeCe. She plays loud music inside her home and explains it is how she drowns out the memories from that night. She also fought and screamed for help that never came.

CeCe is a young mother of two and a healthcare worker who is afraid to lose her job. She said she really needs to get a police report to her company. They want a written explanation of why she has missed so many shifts.

CeCe said what happened inside her cell was terrible. She was raped then locked in the same space for days. She’s going to write out a timeline of everything that happened that weekend. CeCe admits she doesn’t want to talk or think about what happened. She has hired a lawyer.

Information on these alleged attacks is on lockdown.

What is known is that three male inmates were somehow able to leave their locked cells. They wandered down a hall and opened up other locked cells. The women inside report being attacked.

One employee has been suspended without pay for not following policies and procedures.

KCTV5 News has been told by both victims that guards didn’t perform mandatory checks. Those are supposed to happen every 29 minutes. The alleged rapes went unnoticed and medical care was delayed.

Police reports spell out how evidence was destroyed. Cells wiped down even bio-cleansed before police came. Clothing gone. Rape exams were taken hours later. Investigators discovered surveillance footage of three prisoners wandering around the prison. No guards in sight.

One in three people will be arrested and spend time inside a jail cell at some point in their life, according to a sweeping study by criminologists in the American Journal of Pediatrics.

They tracked teens and young adults and didn’t just look at criminal records. Not everyone one who is arrested will be charged with a crime. You can spend a night in jail for a bench warrant because you fail to pay speeding tickets.

Both women have minor records.

KCTV5 looked and municipal court records and learned Marie was arrested on Aug. 26 for stealing food and trespassing at a grocery store.

CeCe was arrested in a dispute involving her child last Thursday night. She originally told police someone hurt her son. She was charged with filing a false police report and charged with assaulting the other person. CeCe said calls the situation a “misunderstanding.”

Kansas City police continue to investigate the reported rape and sexual assault. No charges have been filed yet.

A special prosecutor is investigating the jail.

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