PRAIRIE VILLAGE, KS (KCTV)-- Apparently former President George H.W. Bush liked to place a bet here and there.

A Prairie Village woman had not one, but two friendly wagers with him.

In 1978, Andrea Ernst was a news reporter in Wisconsin.

She was assigned to cover George H.W. Bush when he was the chair of the Republican National Committee.

“He was in Madison to promote the election of more Republicans to the state house,” said Ernst.

After she interviewed him, she asked if he knew where the person was who organized the event.

“I asked him was this woman here or was it this woman at the table that was the organizer? He said it was the woman at the table. We went back and forth and he said you wanna bet on it?” voiced Ernst.

She lost the bet.

“When he saw me coming around he didn’t even look at me he put his hand out the back palm up. I put the dollar in and that was that,” expressed Ernst.

That friendly wager started at one dollar and went up to five dollars the next time the two crossed paths a year later.

Bush was back in Wisconsin campaigning for his own republican nomination for president that time.

“I said 'gee I’m still sorry I lost that bet with you' and he said 'what' and I reminded him of it and he said 'well you want to make another bet' and I said 'sure what on' he said 'how about that I win the nomination',” proclaimed Ernst.

He gave her a business card with proof of the bet.

Ronald Reagan ended up winning the nomination and the presidency, but he chose Bush as his vice president.

Fast forward three years later, Barbara Bush was campaigning for the Reagan/Bush ticket and she mentioned her husband’s betting habits.

“She mentioned it again, 'oh yes George likes to bet'. So, I said 'excuse me Mrs. Bush, on the subject of your husband’s betting habits, he owes me $5',” exclaimed Ernst.

A couple weeks later Ernst got this in the mail.

“It was just, I loved it, it was just great,” expressed Ernst.

She says she thought about sending former President Bush $5 when he finally was elected president, but she never got around to it.

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