Police: Man claiming to be Google Fiber worker tried to break into Overland Park homes

Johnson County Sheriff's Office

Overland Park police say an accused burglar tried to talk his way into homes by claiming to be with Google Fiber.

Brandon Swa, 26, has been charged in Johnson County for the crimes.

Police say it happened early Sunday morning on Quincy Court. They say a man went from house to house looking for opportunities to take what wasn't his.

Several neighbors who did not go on camera told KCTV5 they answered the door to a man who claimed he was with Google Fiber.

Another neighbor says he caught the man on his RING camera knocking on the door, then trying to open it before taking off with his birdfeeder.

Overland Park police say residents did the right thing by talking to the man through the door - not opening it, but letting them know they were home.

"They will see if anyone is home first and if no one answers the door, they may kick in your door and you don't want that to happen. We always say, 'hey answer the door through the door - let them know you're inside the home.'"

Police also encourage getting security devices like the RING that captured the video. They start recording when motion is detected.

It turns out, in many cases, they're also just a great deterrent.

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