Police identify gun used to kill girl on Fourth of July


Investigators have found the gun used to fire the shot that killed Blair Michaela Shanahan Lane, who was enjoying the Fourth of July in a relative's backyard.

Kansas City Police Department spokesman Darin Snapp tells KCTV5 that four suspects were passing the gun among themselves. Rather than using fireworks to celebrate the holiday, each of the men took a turn firing the weapon, Snapp said.

While ballistics confirmed that the weapon fired the shot that struck the 11-year-old girl in the neck, police don't yet know who fired the weapon, Snapp said.

The four men came forward as police were interviewing residents in the area just east of the Truman Sports Complex.

Residents have told KCTV5 that they heard the sound of what they thought were gunshots coming from the area of the Whispering Lakes Apartment Complex, which is on 43rd Street near Pittman Road.

"This was a sharp repetitive sound," said Kansas City resident Carolyn Trundle. "It was more of a pop pop pop."

Snapp said investigators are forwarding the case to Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters-Baker. The prosecutor will decide how to proceed since investigators cannot positively identify which of the four men actually fired the fatal shot."You don't discharge a gun. It makes it worse a grown adult who should have been trained and had enough intelligence to know that's not the thing to do," said Trundle.

Kiesling reports, "Sources say one of the men was a security guard at the apartment complex, making a devastating situation that much more maddening."

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