Authorities are investigating if an attempted Kansas City pharmacy robbery is linked to an earlier theft of prescription drugs at a Liberty location.

The woman got away with nothing because she didn't bank on the pharmacy owner packing heat.

Police said a woman walked in to Spalitto's Pharmacy, 3801 Independence Ave., about noon Tuesday and demanded a clerk hand over the store's entire supply of prescription pills.

The suspect showed a weapon, but the pharmacist also had a gun. The owner said he put a gun to the robber's head who then ran from the store. No shots were ever fired.

Pete Spalitto described Tuesday's events to KCTV5. He said that after the woman confronted his employee that the employee turned to him. The woman then demanded OxyContin from him.

He headed to the counter where he had his .45-caliber gun tucked away.

"I pointed it at her. I come into a good position behind the counter. I pointed it at her head," Spalitto recalled. "She says, 'I've got a gun in this bag.' I said, 'I've got a gun too.'"

The woman decided her best course of action was to flee and headed for a maroon-colored SUV with temporary tags. Spalitto gave pursuit until his hamstring had other ideas and he had to pull up. He is disappointed that he didn't catch her.

The woman dropped a bag that contained a toy gun. Spalitto had a second gun in his lab coat pocket. He said because he sells drugs that he needs protection for him, his family, his employees and customers.

"I don't want to come across as a macho person," he said. "I care about everybody who is in there."

He said he feels sorry for the employees of pharmacies owned by big chains who aren't allowed to carry a weapon.

"It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out if you're selling drugs in this day and age you should have a gun on you," he said.

Spalitto said police are working to determine whether the woman's actions are related to a pharmacy robbery in Liberty.

Liberty police said a man and a woman walked into a Walgreens, located at 1191 W. Kansas St., about 3:30 a.m. Tuesday and demanded oxycodone. A witness saw the suspects jump into a getaway vehicle driven by a third person, a man. The vehicle sped away on Highway 291 heading north. The car is described to be an older model gold Cadillac.The pharmacist was not hurt. Two other employees were in the store at the time. No customers were in the store. Click here to read more.

This is at least the fifth pharmacy robbery in the metro since May, and the crime is on the rise across the country.

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