Hakodate autumn season with snow

A landscaper says the dusting of snow Kansas City got Thursday is a warning it is time to get yards in shape before winter comes.

MISSION, KS (KCTV) -- A landscaper says the dusting of snow Kansas City got Thursday is a warning it is time to get yards in shape before winter comes.

“You’re not really going to want to get out there too much longer in the 20-degree days to do that,” Soil Service Garden Center landscape coordinator Colleen Hunt said.

Leaves are falling from the trees, covering yards and littering the streets. That means it’s time to pull those rakes out and get yards cleaned up.

Whether raking or mulching with a lawn mower, Hunt says yards will reap the benefits.

“Especially if you’ve seeded this year, I mean it’s probably not a bad idea to get out there and just do a light raking and get it off so that those new seedlings can really kind of get the full benefit of the light that we have. Since days are shorter, we really want to get that as much as possible,” Hunt said.

If you decide not to rake your yard, it won’t ruin it. It just makes for more leaves to clean up later.

Hunt also said now is a good time to talk to a professional about your trees’ health.

“As we see the ice start falling and the snow and the weight of those on any of the limbs are dead or stressed, that of course is just going to be more trouble as we see those limbs start falling,” she said.

Hunt said it is a great time to fertilize while you’re in the mindset of cleaning up your yard before winter hits. She recommends you do it twice between September and November.

“So you just get that last fertilization to really get it fed, so that it can store that energy,” she explained. “When spring comes, it’s ready to push that energy up.”

Some plants won’t last much longer after this weekend’s cold snap.

“Every plant is different and even some subspecies of shrubs are different, so some want to be trimmed in the fall some want to be trimmed in the spring,” she said. “So it’s really just time to brush up on your knowledge on those so you can know what exactly to take care of in your garden.”

She said that, at this point, the yard work should almost be done and that it’s nearly time to relax and wait for spring.

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