New wellness shop in Overland Park sells cannabidiol

Phoenix Natural Wellness opened just a few days ago, and business is already booming. (KCTV5)

One shop in Overland Park is getting some attention for something they're selling, and they've only been open for a few days.

Unlike our neighbors to the west in Colorado, the sale of marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes is illegal, but there are stores popping up across the state of Kansas.

Phoenix Natural Wellness, 9627 W 87th St., opened just a few days ago, and business is already booming.

It sells natural relief for anything from anxiety to sleeplessness to arthritis through the use of CBD or cannabidiol. What it does not sell is anything with THC in it-- the ingredient that produces the high in marijuana.

Cannabidiol is an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.

Owner Brian Pitts says someone who would normally pop several Advil for something like arthritis could get the same amount of relief using CBD which is completely natural. He says CBS offers the benefits of marijuana in most cases without the THC.

"Removed the THC from this product entirely. It's been tested by the KBI and the DEA, and it's down to such a micro amount it will not show up on a drug screen it's just not there," Pitts said.

There are some potential side effects for people using CBD that include drowsiness and reduced blood pressure. You definitely want to speak to your doctor first if you have any questions.

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