Deputies: Large number of stolen tools, heavy equipment recovered at Blue Springs rental company

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and the Missouri State Highway Patrol were called Tuesday to Anderson's Rental & Sales located at 26305 SW Wyatt Rd. just outside the city limits. 

BLUE SPRINGS, MO (KCTV) -- New details Tuesday night on a business raid KCTV5 told you about two weeks ago.

Chopper 5 was overhead while police were at Anderson Equipment Rental.

At the time, police were downplaying the role of the owner, but our reporter has since found some compelling evidence against him.

“We now know what they seized from behind the chain link fence, 43 items including 20 power tools and 18 flatbed or enclosed trailers.

But the numbers are only part of the story.

The rest is in the search warrant.

Law enforcement with three agencies spent seven hours inside the Blue Springs business off 7 Highway.

A tip from a theft victim and then an anonymous source, turned into a sting with an undercover detective selling the owner tools made to look stolen via scratched off serial numbers.

The detective wrote that the owner said he would, “fix them or sell them or do whatever we have to do to them.”

An electric drill they seized was marked with the name and number of Habitat for Humanity, who told police, people steal from us often, but we don’t sell our tools.

The rental nature of the business was at the heart of the supposed scheme, something police initially described in defense of the owner.

“You’re renting that equipment out to different people. A lot of times the equipment could be brought back with the numbers removed from it,” said Sgt. Joe Fanara, Blue Springs Police Department.

That’s how an owner could call up a manufacturer of a legit tool and say, ‘Hey a serial number off of this has been damaged or lost. Can you send me a new one?’ … then tack that on a similar, stolen item.

As for the trailers now sitting in a police evidence lot, one came back as stolen from Lee’s Summit in 2015, but when they asked the owner and his wife about it, they said they bought it 10 years ago which is tough math to reconcile considering they said it’s not a rental but for storage.

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