Neighbors are demanding action as properties on the northeastern side of Kansas City fall into disrepair.

The area is a hotspot for dilapidated homes.

A man was shot and killed at one home two years ago and neighbors say it was a drug deal gone bad.

Now, the windows are boarded up and the backyard is cluttered with old furniture and personal information from a previous tenant who the property manager said is locked up in jail.

Also, neighbors say the illegal activity hasn't stopped.

On Friday, a city inspector showed up.

“We’re asking if there are different standards for different communities,” a Kansas City Neighborhood and Housing Services inspector said.

He showed up at the boarded-up home on Lawndale after receiving nuisance complaints from neighbors.

A man who claimed to be the property manager was also there. He declined an interview but admitted the previous tenants were bad neighbors. He said squatters have wrecked the property inside and out, too.

It’s now up for sale, as most of the items inside have been moved out to the curb.

Online records show the city inspectors have been to the home more than a handful of times dating back to 2012. However, the owner has paid his property taxes.

Neighbors said it’s disturbing that the city won’t do more.

“The city workers come out here and had it boarded up, they’ve ran people out, the police have been out,” Charles Wolfe said. “It’s still blight. I don’t understand.”

"I’d like to see it bulldozed down," he said. "I think it’d make a difference."

He’s not the only neighbor demanding action. One woman said that, not only can you see how neglected the abandoned house is, but that it also smells.

Several people who live in the community have similar complaints about dilapidated homes.

At another house, gang members have defaced it and the walls are caving in. The debris has now reached the street and a final notice before demolition is posted on the front door.

John Meyers' father lives across the street and said the house has been abandoned for a decade.

"Termites, infestation of roaches," he said. "We had to get my dad’s house, in the last year, exterminated.”

“We don’t want properties like this on the Northeast," said John Baccala with KC Neighborhoods and Housing Services.

The city said they’ve demolished more than 300 homes since 2016 on the city’s northeastern side.

In the meantime, the mess is lowering property values and, according to neighbors, inviting crime.

Some neighbors are asking for Mayor Sly James to come see the issue firsthand. KCTV5 News reached out to his office but had not heard back at the time of publication.

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