National Right to Life Convention takes place in Overland Park


On Thursday, one of the country's largest pro-life groups met in Overland Park.

The news of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's resignation had them fired up. Many believe Kennedy's resignation changes everything.

There was a lot of enthusiasm and optimism in the room. Many said the abortion issue will be even more at the forefront, now.

It was the first time in 50 years that the National Right to Life Convention has been held in Kansas.

Vendors packed in and workshops were held for much of the day.

The retirement announcement of Justice Anthony Kennedy sets the stage for Presidents Trump to appoint someone who is pro-life to the court.

Pro-life advocates at the convention voiced hope that his successor could help overturn Roe v. Wade in coming years. If it was overturned, the legality of abortion could be decided at the state level.

For many at the event, it is an issue that is not up for debate.

“Of course we all hope he picks somebody pro-life.”

“I just want it to be somebody that looks at the constitution and rules from the constitution, seeing what’s in there and realizes we have a fundamental right to life that’s put in there by our founding fathers.”

In the morning, President Trump sent a letter to the group. Part of it said, “The committee’s work is critical to protecting our nation’s most vulnerable.”

He also committed to continue working with the groups like Right to Life.

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